Power place Kirchental

Holy place, place of power, place of energy, spiritual place – whatever you call our high valley “Kirchental” in St. Martin near Lofer, it fits.

Maria Kirchental has always been a place that gives strength. Here one experiences peace, inspiration, strengthening and expansion of consciousness through the special energy that is radiated here.
Faithful people attribute it to the presence of God, esoterically oriented visitors to the geomantic and mythical energy of the high valley.

Just try it – come to us in the Kirchental and feel the energy.

Annabell offers “forest bathing” here in this high-energy high valley – there is not a bathtub in the forest and you lie down in it – it’s about a mindful stay in the forest to reduce stress, switch off your thoughts and immerse all your senses in the unique atmosphere and to immerse yourself in the energy of the forest, to increase well-being – stay unhurried!
(Note: In Japan, this form of regeneration is already medically recognized and is paid for by health insurance!).

Kirchental 3
5092 St. Martin bei Lofer